Application Tools

Application Tools

Applications for PCD Tools
Automotive : Cylinder Head, Cylinder Block, Transmission Housing, Crank Case, Steering Housing, Master Cylinders, Valve Bodies, Throttle Bodies, Carburetors, Fuel Pumps, Oil Pumps Bodies, Air Conditioning Compressors & Housings, Starter Motor Housing, Pistons & Alloy Wheels.
Pumps/Valves : Housings, Moving Parts
Defence Sector : Brass Parts
Home Appliances : Home Utensils
Aircraft / Aerospace : Wing Tips, Ducts, Floor Posts, Cowling, Structural Components, Trim Panels
Electrical Machinery : Commutator Shafts / Housings
Computer and Electronic : Moving Discs; Mirrors/Lenses.

Applications for CBN Tools
Automotive : Gears, Axles, Shafts, Bearings, Engine Blocks, Valve Seats, Brake Rotors, Brake Drums, Clutch Plates, Transfer Housings
Aircraft / Aerospace : Combustion Case, Shafts, Landing Gear, Bolts, Struts, Cylinders, Turbine Disk, Turbine Blades, Turbine, Shrouds, Engine Shafts, Turbine Vanes
Engineering : Steel Roller
Other : Pumps, Impellers, Shafts.

Applications of Special PCD/CBN Tools
VSR Bites (CBN) : Are especially developed to suit the machining of Cylinder block Valve seats.
Grooving Blades (PCD/CBN) : Are exclusively developed for grooving & finishing of grooves on PISTONS where Piston Ring rests.
Milling Cartridges (PCD/CBN) : Are used in face milling operations where material removal rate required is higher
Reamer Gun Insert : Used in reaming applications & are replaced after wear with new on the same reamer body
Grooving Insert : Are used for making grooves with precise accuracy
Trimming Tools :Are exclusively developed for trimming the bur generated on components during machining

Applications of Natural Diamond Tools
Jewelry : Platinum, Gold & Silver Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, CNC Cutting & Engraving
Diamond : Diamond Sawing
Computer Hardware : Silicon Wafer Cutting
Ophthalmology : Contact Lens, Surgery Tools
Electrical Motors : DC motor Commutator
Automobile : Wheel Dressing
Engineering : Wire Drawing, CNC Milling.
Watch : Watch Parts

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